He had his first lessons with Alex de Leeuw. In 1991 he started at the Sweelinck Conservatorium of Amsterdam to study with Ed Boogaard for his teacher degree and successfully finished his studies as a soloist with Arno Bornkamp. He was rewarded for his original way of promoting the instrument along with the Dutch contemporary music.

In the same year, and for the same reasons he was rewarded for the Dutch Prize of Culture.

During his studies he was very interested in working together with composers who had new ideas about the way of presenting modern 'classical' music. This resulted in various and interesting concerts with the help of computers, coffee machines, ghettoblasters, and other devices. He even preforms in the Shadow Project with his own shadow.

After his studies he also started to work on stages with pop and world music groups. He was on stage with artists like Dream Theater, DJ Dimtri, Pipslab, Carel Kraaijenhof, Caetano Veloso, Leonardo Amuedo, Nynke Laverman, Jaap Boots, Trio Bier, Flip Noorman, Isophone, Ten Sharp, Waldemar Bastos, Stefanos Korkolis, Dulce Pontes, and Frazey Ford.

As an arranger he wrote scores for Donald Jones, Raaf Hekkema, Sonja van Beek, Kameleon Ensemble, Vienna String Quartet, Ricciotti Ensemble, Escher Ensemble, Dulce Pontes, DJ Dimitri, Nynke Laverman, and Ilse deLange.

Hubert-Jan wrote, played, mixed and produced the music for the short movie 'Mortel' , directed by Remco Polman. Which was reward the NFTVM award 2008 and was representing Holland for the Oscars.

As audio engineer Hubert-Jan worked for various Dutch radio program's. He mixed uncountable live performances of Dutch and international artists. Futhermore he was participating in mixing two albums for Ricky Koole.


tribute to Kaat Tilley, photo: Frank VD

In the garden of Kaat at Tribute to Kaat Tilley.

photo: Frank VD
with Dulce Pontes

With Dulce Pontes.

On Stage


saxes and ableton

Electric setup with EWI and Ableton.

with 50 Cents

With 50 Cents.

with Flip Noorman

With Flip & The Noormannen.

with Jaap Boots

With Jaap Boots in Paradiso.

photo: D Gibbs
with The Dutch Theater Orchestra on Clarinet

With The Dutch Theater Orchestra on clarinet.



free impro
piano: Ramon Dor
soprano sax: HJ Hubeek

D'ou vient cela

guitar: Rijn van Woudenberg,
alto saxophone: HJ Hubeek

Wedding music, Entrance

composition & arrangement arrangement: HJ Hubeek
featuring : Evelyn Kalansee

Partial Eclipse

Westland Saxofoon Orkest
ewi solo: HJ Hubeek


composition/drums: Michiel van Zundert
violin solo & strings arrangement: HJ Hubeek
featuring viola solo: Herman van Haaren

Commercial music

cello: Jur de Vries
guitar: Merlijn Verboom
other instruments & arrangement: HJ Hubeek

Os Maias

vocals: Dulce Pontes
sax & string arrangement, exec prod: HJ Hubeek

Showbizz Friends

soloist: Allard Robert
all saxes & arrangement: HJ Hubeek


soloist & lyrics: Steef Hupkens
composition: HJ Hubeek

Garca Perdida from Suite Leonardo

composition: Dulce Pontes
guitar: Leonardo Amuedo
arrangement & alto sax: HJ Hubeek

Game music

Music for a computer game based on sounds from the C64



Saxofun iPad app

This app helps the beginning alto saxophonist with his first practising. This app contains around 40 different accompaniments in different styles: classical, jazzy, with saxophone quartet, duets, etc, etc. You have excersis per fingering/note.

Development/All tracks/ All instruments: HJ Hubeek
Graphics: Tijs Gerritsen

iPad App

Violin Simple Songs

5 Simple Songs app

5 Simple Songs for the starting violin player. You can listen to the songs and play together with the iPad on the different strings. Choose the string on which you want to play your songs.

Exercises, violin: A van Zweeden
Development/piano arrangement: HJ Hubeek
Graphics: Suus van den Akker

iPad App


5 Simple Songs app

Inspired by the Baby Concert Tour in the Netherlands. Discover together with your child the world of music and sound: of the sea, jungle or the pitter patters of the rain. Explore songs and discover sounds together. Sing along together and record it together. For baby’s from 4 months – in a team game with their parents/supervisors.

Music: M Castro, Jur de Vries, HJ Hubeek
Development: HJ Hubeek
Graphics: Roman Jans

iPad App


EWI4000s Guide For the Saxophone Player

Written by HJ Hubeek and M Smith, 47 pages.

Notes for the experienced saxophone player who wants to start practising EWI.

Contents Preview (pdf)

A couple of years ago I bought my first EWI. While I practised to master this beautifull instrument I made notes of my exercises.This guide is a combination of these notes and practical tips of how to and how not to use the EWI4000s by myself and experienced players.

Mail me when you want to purchase this book.